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“I’ve been thinking about how I could inject color into my jewelry, and found a way to blend the technique inherent to my artisans with natural stones that bring understated beauty to the pieces.”
For spring 2017, Monica Sordo introduces the Callao Collection, named after one of Peru’s many cities in a country she has adopted as her own, as it plays an integral part in the production of her brand. The Callao Collection expands on Monica’s extensive research of 1950’s architecture, this time finding a muse in Italian architect Carlo Scarpa. Inspired by his landmark masterpiece commissioned by the Brion Family, she studied the way in which Scarpa melded sharp angles and hard edges with soft arcs sculpting her accessories with the same opposing elements. Adding to such contrast are the subdued, muted colors, and inlaid mosaics of the Brion tomb that play into the intricacies of each choker, earring, bracelet and ring Monica has crafted.
The six stones used throughout the collection are inspired by two of Monica’s most treasured paintings from Avant-Garde Russian artist Lyu-bob Popova and fade into a modernist rainbow of red jasper, pink opal, angelate, mother of pearl, jade, and gray labrodite.
All pieces are cut and meticulously handcrafted by Peruvian craftsmen, set flat into a geometric brass framework, and polished to a soft, seamless finish. Hand cut and set one by one, the stones infuse color into the jewelry as if they were reflections within the brass, a perfect fusion of elements.
The chokers, always prominent in her collections, are offered in three unique configurations: a double collar with removable circular pendant, a linear choker with a slender removable drop piece, and a seamless frame that wraps around the neck with a mix floating stones. From a pair of expandable earrings, to a cuff with transformable palettes, to a ring set best worn in any configuration, Monica’s definitive design style gives the wearer options to personalize every color blocked piece. 

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